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Chiyoda Ward: 
Marunouchi | Nagatacho | Otemachi | Uchisaiwaicho | Yurakucho
Chūō Ward: 
Nihonbashi | NihonbashiHoncho | NihonbashiKabutocho
Kōtō Ward: 
Minato Ward: 
Akasaka | Higashiazabu | Kaigan | Kitaaoyama | Konan | Minamiaoyama | Minamiazabu | Nishishimbashi | Roppongi | Shinbashi | Toranomon
Nishi Ward: 
Minatomirai | Takashima
Shibuya Ward: 
Dogenzaka | Ebisu | Sakuragaokacho | Shibuya
Shinagawa Ward: 
Shinjuku Ward: 
Sumida Ward: 
Toshima Ward: 


Akasaka, which sits on more than 25 hills, is one of Tokyo's high-class districts, with numerous grand hotels, famous dining and entertainment establishments, concert spaces, the headquarters of Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) TV, luxury accommodation, and some impressive architecture. It is an upscale area popular with politicians, businesspeople and wealthy expats, where elite businesspeople dine and drink. This residential and commercial district of Minato is located west of the government center in Nagatacho and north of the Roppongi nightlife district, and it's used to be a ward of Tokyo City from 1878 to 1947, and maintains a branch office of the Minato City government. Akasaka is a pleasant commercial district that offers hustle and bustle at one end, and quiet elegance at the other. Akasaka is the closest of any shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo to Japan's center of politics, Nagatacho and also adjoins Tokyo's liveliest nightlife district, Roppongi. Akasaka strikes a balance between the two, being more lively than Nagatacho, but more elegant than Roppongi. Akasaka is narrow cobbled stretches of non-stop bars and pubs, right next to some truly spectacular office towers, and with green, eminently walkable undulating streets of expensive housing and boutique shopping.

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